AM Consulting Internship Program

Those who join the AM Consulting team are fearlessly motivated by social good and eager to serve. The AMC internship program exists to serve young people with a passion for philanthropy and interest in pursuing a communications career. The internship program is as much a mentorship initiative as it is an essential support system for our clients and internal leadership.

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Chloe Leuthaeuser  |  Intern, Account Executive

After hearing Alex speak in my introductory PR class at DePaul, I knew working at AM Consulting would be a great learning experience. But, what I didn’t know at the time was that the work I did as an Intern and then Account Executive would pave the way to my future in the PR industry. Through my year and a half tenure with AMC, I learned a plethora of valuable skills including: writing, media relations, client management, fundraising, event coordination and marketing skills. From the get-go, Alex and Ashley entrusted me with high level projects, giving me direct access to our clients. With their guidance, I watched as my writing, communications and professional skills grew and flourished. The environment Alex and Ashley cultivated was collaborative, supportive, engaging and ultimately taught me lessons that will carry with me throughout my life. AMC was truly the keystone to beginning my career in the communications industry.

Kellie Senese  |  Intern

AMC was my first experience working in PR. I went into the internship hoping to expand my writing and communications skills and I did just that! The flexibility and opportunity available with the intern position allowed me to grow in all of my interests. For example, I am a design minor and was able to take on side projects to improve my design skills on top of my communications work. My favorite part about the job was working so closely with clients on calls, through email, and at events. This pushed me out of my comfort zone and let me truly grow as a communicator. I will continue to use what I've learned at AMC in my future professional life and am grateful for the valuable experience!


Bethany Stokoski|  Intern

As my first public relations internship, AMC provided me with an extensive amount of knowledge and experience in the industry. From being assigned a media alert to write on my very first day, to having the chance to head up a pro-bono client’s account, Alex and Ashley made sure I gained a firsthand understanding of what a publicist really does. I particularly enjoyed the large amount of writing I was able to do, which included press releases, media alerts, pitches and social media posts. I have had three internships since being at AMC, and each one has been extremely impressed with the amount of experience I gained through this internship. I’m very grateful for the opportunities AMC provided me with, as it truly did shape the course of my PR career thus far!

Gabby Hock|  Intern

My experience at AM Consulting helped shape me into the professional woman I am proud of today. Alex and Ashley are PR rockstars and taught me the crucial tools needed in order to be successful in the competitive PR industry. Thanks to this internship, I am much more confident in my writing, pitching, content creating, strategizing, and account managing capabilities and use their advice and teaching every day in the professional world. Alex and Ashley were (and still are) excellent mentors and inspirations proving that with hard work and poise you too can become a #girlboss. I am very thankful that I was able to be part of the AMC Dream Team, and I recommend this internship to anyone looking for hands-on experience in PR with an admirable team!

Gabby Headshot

Maddy Bourque|  Intern

Having never worked in PR, my internship with AMC pushed me out of my comfort zone right away. The small, close-knit environment allowed me to take on significant responsibilities, work closely on client projects, and receive consistent feedback to improve my work. This experience truly helped me hone my writing skills and develop as a professional communicator. My favorite part of my time at AMC was attending client events and watching our communications efforts make a positive impact on local nonprofits. I am so grateful for this experience, and I continue to use the skills I learned to move forward in my PR career!


Tori Downar  |  Intern

My experience at AMC was truly one of a kind. Working at a small agency with a big impact allowed me to develop a wide range of skills needed to be successful in the public relations industry. I helped with a variety of important tasks such as writing media materials like pitches, designing important client documents like fact sheets, and assisting with the planning and execution of client events. My work at AMC always felt needed and valued. I feel very lucky to have worked with Alex, Ashley, and the rest of the AMC team to help create a positive impact alongside amazing non-profit organizations!

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