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A philanthropic consultancy and media relations practice that exists to strengthen nonprofits and spread good news.


AM Consultants Group takes nonprofit organizations to the next level. Focused on the strategies and programs that make missions matter, we guide the thought behind campaigns hand-in-hand with organizational leadership to evolve the brand. We call Chicago home, but have supported organizations in a number of cities, including New York, Boston, Denver and even Des Moines. We’ve worked on the front lines of philanthropy for nearly a decade and know what it takes for a nonprofit to rise. Why do we choose this work? We believe that investing in missions big and small can help leave a safer, healthier footprint for future generations to thrive. Beyond that, we appreciate the opportunity to get behind causes that matter; often times they have incredible individuals driving serious social change and that gets us excited to wakeup everyday and do this work.


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Sophisticated Living Chicago

AM Consultants Group Founder and President, Alex Sabbag, has been penning the Charity Profile column in
Sophisticated Living since the magazine’s launch in 2014.
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