"I’m so grateful to be working with AM Consultants. From the first time I found out what Alex and her team does, I knew I had to work with them. Alex and her team took the time to understand STOKED, me, our mission, and our culture. We had all the assets, good stories, photos, and a strong program. AM Consultants took it all and helped us rebrand, pitch us for press, and create a sponsor package. They helped put STOKED in the national spotlight and their strategies have had a positive ROI in terms of fundraising. They are more than consultants, they are partners who look out for our best interest and really care about doing best in class work. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and I feel lucky to have found them."

-Steve Larosiliere, President , STOKED



“Alex’s work in the philanthropic world brings a level of sophistication to Sophisticated Living’s bimonthly, charity-focused column. Her understanding of the business of nonprofit ensures each piece features an organization that boasts fiscal responsibility, high ethical standards and big impact on the Chicagoland community. Working with Alex over the past year has been an enjoyable experience, and I look forward to shining a light on more worthy, philanthropic missions through her column in the years to come.” 

-Elise Hofer Shaw, Editor-In-Chief, Sophisticated Living magazine



"Our relationship with Alex and AM Consulting over the past five years has been wonderful. Working in tandem with the organization and it’s leadership, AM Consulting is more than just a vendor, but rather the entire team feels like an extension of the Board of Directors. Throughout every turnover in Board members and leadership, Alex has taken great care in maintaining our mission by keeping our focus consistent and our message to the outside world polished. Alex has been, and continues to be, a vital resource to the Board, bringing great energy, fresh ideas, and an insurmountable passion for supporting and furthering our mission. We love working with Alex and the AM Consulting team, and look forward to what this partnership brings in the years ahead."
-Chris Newton, President, Friends of Prentice Board of Directors



"AM Consulting has helped us to take our foundation to the next level. Not only do they elevate the way we tell our story, they also drastically increase the number of people it reaches so that we are more successful raising awareness and funds for our cause.  They work collaboratively with us and think outside the box, guiding us to find creative solutions to common issues that nonprofits face."

-Katie Hurley Wales, Executive Director, Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation



"AM Consulting is our best asset.  Alex and her team inspires you to work better and harder than ever before and encourages you to think positively and creatively.  Their strategies are practical yet ambitious and always align with our mission. As a leader, Alex is thoughtful and creative, never settling for less than what is possible.  Her intricate knowledge of the nonprofit sector and external communications, public relations and fundraising/development has lead our startup nonprofit organization through exponential growth in a very short period of time. AM Consulting has transformed empowerHER and extends our reach in ways we could never have done on our own. For this, we are forever grateful." 
-Cara Belvin, Founder of empowerHER




"Working with Alex and AM Consulting has been a huge boon for our nonprofit. During our first year collaborating, they helped us successfully transition to a new name, a new brand and did some amazing work with social media that increased our exposure significantly. The AM Consulting team is not only a pleasure to work with but achieves significant results!"
- Matthew Kurtzman, CEO of Back 2 School Illinois



"I think it's the tenacity and creativity with which Alex and her team approach each challenge that keeps me coming back for more."
- Jonny Stax, Motivator and Producer