AM Consultants Group worked with The People’s Music School to support their 40th anniversary celebration in the fall of 2016. Honoring the famed Smashing Pumpkins drummer, Jimmy Chamberlin, our team designed an event that payed homage to the organization’s rich history of being Chicago’s one and only free music school for underserved children for the past 40 years.

Taking on a mini Lollapalooza theme, guests were free to roam the space and experience the student’s talent and energy every 30 minutes in artfully crafted, pop-up staging areas. The evening’s music ranged from symphony to soloist, pianists to percussionists, with the grand finale being a moving rendition of the Pumpkin’s hit song “Tonight Tonight” featuring Chamberlin on the drums accompanied by 50 student performers.

4.5 million media impressions
250,000 raised at the 40th Anniversary Birthday Bash

In the span of 6 months, AM Consultants Group maximized the impact of celebrity supporters to share the school’s mission and expand their reach to a wider and more engaged audience.


AM Consultants Group leveraged The People’s Music School’s 40th Anniversary to tell the organization’s story and tout their community impact through a star-studded event line-up. The events launched with the Chicago Ear Taxi Festival, followed by the Bach Marathon featuring a partnership with Yo-Yo Ma, and concluding with the 40th Anniversary Birthday Bash in November.