Eight week program to refine messaging, heighten brand awareness, strengthen engagement and maximize your mission impact.


AM Consultants Group takes nonprofit organizations to the next level. Focused on the strategies and programs that make missions matter, we guide the thought behind campaigns hand-in-hand with organizational leadership to evolve the brand. 

The RE-FRESH Process

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Organizations are only as strong as their stories and in order to tell a good story, the right messages need to be in place. Our team takes a deep dive into your language, from developing new content to refining existing, all in an effort to fully communicate the mission at work across all of your communications channels and stakeholders.


Great stories can’t exist without exceptional storytellers. Working in tandem with the organization’s leadership, we get to know your A team. Your biggest champions, most impactful clients, generous donors - anyone you, as a team, deem worthy of sharing their story while simultaneously sharing your organization’s story. We work with you to collect an arsenal of compelling stats and facts that justify why you deserve support, arming your storytellers with clear, consistent and effective messaging. The result: an abundance of marketing and press pieces that show your value and make people pay attention. 


Asset Development


Public Communications Strategy


It’s not what you say but how you say it, right? But who’s listening? We develop a customized public relations strategy marrying thoughtful messaging with your best assets, then target the most relevant media outlets to share your story. From press to influencers, we’ll hand over a toolkit to ensure whenever you have something to say, you know exactly who to say it to and most importantly, how to say it. 


Your staff is the lifeblood of your organization and an essential component to strong messaging. We’ll host a workshop for staff members to train / re-train on basic organizational talking points. This half or full day training will provide tips for stronger communications skills, offer the tools for creating powerful messages and lay the foundation for clear, concise and consistent language moving forward. 


Staff Development


Board Development


An organization is only as sustainable and powerful as their board of directors, a group we deem highly worthy of time and investment. In an effort to promote stronger support, we will host a workshop to strengthen board member involvement and engagement. The goal: bring board members closer to the mission and give them tools to share their passion with their network. During “busy seasons,” whether events or programatic execution, there is a natural showing of strength from the board as a whole. But what about during slower periods or in an off season? This workshop will harness each member’s personal connection to the cause and energize them to keep the momentum going, despite the natural ebb and flow of the organization's schedule. 


Could your organization benefit from the Communications RE-FRESH? We would love to support you! Simply contact Alex by emailing or calling 515.771.6158 for a complimentary consultation. If you think we know a thing or two about strengthening your organization’s brand presence we’ll deliver a contract and can get started in as soon as a few day’s time. 


Once our contract is executed AM Consultants Group will organize a 60 minute introductory call with your leadership. Following this call our team will provide a detailed timeline, breakdown of deliverables and next steps that will set the course of our eight weeks together. This will include at least one weekly meeting by phone or in-person and as-needed access to our team throughout the process. All workshops will take place in-person where either Alex or Ashley from AMCG will be present to work with your staff and/or board of directors on site. 


The Communications RE-FRESH ranges from $6,000 - $10,000 depending on the organization’s needs. The final fee will be all-inclusive of our time and travel. Any outside vendors, such as graphic design, web development or social media implementation, will be agreed upon with the relevant third party partner and billed separately. AM Consultants Group requires a 50% deposit upon contract execution with the remaining fee paid prior to week eight.